Re: Polish codepages

From: R.C. Bakhuizen van den Brink [Rein] (
Date: Sun Feb 20 2000 - 08:44:50 EST

Dear Adam and Piotr,

when I triggered off the discussion on the topic
of Piotr's website, I didn't mean to insult anybody.
Still Piotr's reaction wasn't all that 'friendly':

Witojcie panocku :-))

Today 'Pan' Adam is using a Polish word that shouldn't
be used referring to any human being, Prosz Pana!

Nevertheless, I think the discussion has been worth it,
giving me and others something to think about :)

greetings, pozdrowienia, Rein



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On Sun, 20 Feb 2000, G. Adam Stanislav wrote: >At 07:14 20-02-2000 -0800, Piotr Trzcionkowski wrote: >>> b) UTF-8 >> >>What for, EXACTLY ?! > >Because, prosie pana, that's the only character encoding that all Internet >software written after 1-1-1999 is REQUIRED to understand? > >

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