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Date: Fri Feb 25 2000 - 12:03:15 EST

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I'm looking for up-to-date info re www and Unicode vs. Ansi-Asci. Some of
our material that we upload to our Intranet is not translated properly. What
I'm having people do is search and replace certain characters, i.e. an
apostrophe +AFs-'+AF0- in Word and replace with a character that does translate
easily, i.e. +ACIAKgAi- or +ACIAKgAqACI- and then in Word 2000, before saving as a Web
Page, replace with the appropriate character.
We have a deadline to get our site workable by Feb 28th for the rollout on
March 3.
I hope this is not too ambiguous - can you help me??


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