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From: Chris Pratley (
Date: Mon Feb 28 2000 - 17:35:16 EST

Yes - and it looks like the original sender choose it too. It is UTF-7 in my
inbox and Magda is almost certainly using default settings on her system
(i.e. preserve message encoding) so her forwarding didn't affect it. Maybe
he was playing around with the Unicode settings in his mailer...


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Wow, that message was in both plain text *and* HTML, and they were both
encoded in UTF-7. Netscape 4.7 didn't handle it very well...

Anyway, the Unix versions of Netscape 4.X do not support "smart quotes"
and other characters from the 0x80-0x9F range of windows-1252 very well,
so it would indeed be a good idea to turn off "smart quotes" in Word (if
you are interested in reaching UnixNav4 users).


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