Re: lists of actual character/diacritic combinations

From: Joan Aliprand (BR.JMA@RLG.ORG)
Date: Mon Feb 28 2000 - 18:50:36 EST

Chris Pratley asked:
>Does anyone have a list of combinations of character + combining
>diacritic(s) that actually occur in use in the world's writing
>systems? I'm curious as to which are the most common, which are
>never found, etc.

For Latin script, take a look at ANSI/NISO Z39.47-1993, Extended
Latin Alphabet Coded Character Set for Bibliographic Use (ANSEL),
available from the National Information Standards Organization

ANSEL has tables showing combinations used in natural languages and
in the transliteration methods approved by the American Library
Association and the Library of Congress. (ALA/LC transliteration is
used pretty universally by libraries in North America, and is
extensively used by libraries in other parts of the world).

Although it's not a comprehensive collection (e.g., only a few
examples are given for Vietnamese), it's a starting place.

-- Joan Aliprand
   Senior Analyst, Research Libraries Group


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