Urgently searching Info on JIS-Character-Sets...

From: Jens Siebert (jes@stardivision.de)
Date: Tue Feb 29 2000 - 11:26:19 EST

Hi Folks,

is anybody out there, who can tell me where to
get information about „JIS-Character Sets“ ???

For my graduation thesis about japanese software I need to
know which versions of JIS exist and what they contain.
Is any direct link to the JIS-Organization available (if
possible in english) ????
If anybody knows about it, please tell me...

Thanx a lot in advance and
nice regards from Hamburg/Germany

Jens Siebert

send your answer to: jes@stardivision.de

PS: I have got some basic-information already, but I have to
    mention the original sources. A Search on JIS gave
    me more than 1000 hints, so I would prefer to receive
    any direct information from someone who knows about
    the original sources of JIS.
    Can someone give me a direct link ??? Eventually to
JIZ-Organization ???
    Thanx a lot for your answer in advance... Jens Siebert

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