RE: U+xxxx, U-xxxxxx, and the basics

From: Mike Brown (
Date: Sat Mar 04 2000 - 18:40:10 EST

Paul Keinanen wrote:

>> US-ASCII (128 abstract characters mapped to scalar values
>> in the range 0x0..0x7F) and ISO-8859-1 (US-ASCII plus
>> another 96 abstract characters mapped to scalar
>> values in the range 0xA0..0xFF).
> This is a bit inconsistent, since in US-ASCII the control
> characters 0x00 .. 0x1F (and the DEL "control character")
> are included in the count, but the "8-bit controls" (IND,
> CSI, DCS etc.) are not included in the count for ISO-8859-1.

My mistake. Thanks for catching it. I'll increase the count
for ISO 8859-1. For some reason I was thinking that the C1
controls were not part of 8859-1.

> > * in a hexadecimal notation: 0x212B
> Has this 0x notation been previously defined to mean
> hexadecimal notation ?

It has been defined somewhere as being one of many notations
for hexadecimal numbers. That's why I said "a" hexadecimal

I actually spent about an hour searching for a definitive
reference for that notation and came up with very little to
show for my effort.


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