Re: Rationale for U+10FFFF?

From: Dan Oscarsson (
Date: Mon Mar 06 2000 - 02:38:41 EST

>Doug Ewell wrote:
>Harald Tveit Alvestrand <> wrote:
>> the current trend in UNICODE/ISO 10646 seems to be to limit the number
>> of planes to 17 (U+0 to U+10FFFF).
>> Can someone tell me the rationale for not deprecating plane 16, and
>> leave us with the much more rational U+0 to U+FFFFF?
>> Or even allocating the whole bit, and making it U+0 to U+1FFFFF?
>The "obvious" answer is that U-0010FFFF is the highest code point
>accessible through the UTF-16 retrofit. You couldn't allocate through
>U-001FFFFF (plane 31) because everything from plane 18 on could not be
>reached with UTF-16.

So what? There is no reason to limit the range just because of UTF-16
(which is a dreadfull thing removing many good character code values
so they cannot be used as characters).

Either use UCS-4 to represent your characters or UTF-8. Both allows
the full UCS range (all 31 bits).


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