Re: UTF-7 (was: RE: U+xxxx, U-xxxxxx, and the basics)

From: G. Adam Stanislav (
Date: Thu Mar 09 2000 - 09:22:40 EST

At 22:48 08-03-2000 -0800, Adrian Havill wrote:
>Or is UC
>taking the stance that "streams less than 8-bits are not our concern--
>implement/choose your own layer to transform the 16/8 bit UTF"?

If I understand it correctly, UC does not take a stance one way or another.
It just maps characters to numbers and lets implementors work with it in
whatever way is best in their environment.

The advice you have received to go with UTF-8 rather than UTF-7 is sound as
nowadays 8-bit communications are the common thing. But if you are working
in a 7-bit environment (at least when communicating with other systems),
then, yes, you need to adjust accordingly.


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