pb with implementation of greek characters

From: Thierry COURGEON (t.courgeon@cyim.com)
Date: Fri Mar 10 2000 - 10:13:49 EST


I try to mix greek characters, in HTML text areas, to latin characters. One
should send these pages to the server and read them with any navigator
(netscape 4.0 or Internet explorer4.0). I search the best and simplest way
to do it with UNICODE. My questions are:
    - What is the best representation (in HTML pages) for the scalar value
of the character? In my examples, only the decimal notation (μ for ex.)
seems to be taken into account. The hexadecimal notations (as 03BC , U+03BC,
U-03BC, 0x......) don't work, when I'd prefer directly insert this one.
    - From an example found on the web, UltraEdit gives for the greek
character "Tau" the hexadecimal value CE A4, when the ISO 10646-1 gives 03
A4. Both work. So far as I know, one character may be encoded in several
ways; but are both of them work? Or is one of them more common?
    - According to the Windows (or Mac) configuration, and even with
Nescape 4.0 or Explorer 4.0, some characters appear on the screen, others
not. I'd like to set up the greek font only on the server and to sent it
from the server to the customer without a "plug in" process? Is it possible
and How could I do ?


T. Courgeon

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