RE: Internationalization Hiccups

Date: Fri Mar 10 2000 - 12:44:56 EST

John H. Jenkins reproached me:
> > 1) "Narrow" Western digits [...]
> > 2) "Wide" Western digits (U+FF10 .. U+FF19) [...]
> > 3) Chinese digits (U+96F6, U+4E00, U+4E8C, [...]
> > 4) "Regular" Chinese numbers, [...]
> > 5) "Anti-fraud" Chinese numbers, [...]
> Gosh, Marco, how could you forget the
> SomePlaceNameEndingInZhou numerals??!?
> Hordes of Hong Kong shopkeepers will never forgive you! :-)

Well, didn't really forget them :-)

I added and removed point (6) "'ShenmemingdeZhou numerals" a couple of times
before sending the mail. I also considered a couple of other numeric systems
that Chinese have in their character sets, and do use in some circumstances
(Roman numerals, parenthesized or circled numbers, sup/sub digits, etc.).

But Samir's question was about what kind of numeric representation(s) his
application must be able to *accept* and *generate*, and I thought that no
Chinese user would expect a computer to understand or present him/her
Hangzhou (or Roman) numerals. Was this a poor assumption?

(In case someone wonders: I included points (4) and (5) because my
colleagues and I had to implement them for an actual Chinese customer).

_ Marco

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