Re: Unicode and multilingual support in Macintosh Web browsers

From: John Jenkins (
Date: Thu Jun 15 2000 - 17:36:44 EDT

on 6/15/00 6:00 AM, Alan Wood at wrote:

> I have tried without success to find information on how to view multilingual
> Web pages with a Macintosh and which multilingual fonts are available, so I
> have documented the things I have discovered by a process of trial and
> error, and produced a new page in my collection of Unicode information at:
> I will appreciate being advised of any errors or of further sources of
> information.

Well done. There is one clarification I would suggest, however.

Apple has provided support for direct Unicode rendering since Mac OS 8.5.
This includes the ability to use large, data-fork TrueType fonts such as
Arial Unicode. The OS is perfectly capable of handling these fonts and
applications have the ability extended to them to do all of Unicode. None,
however, are taking advantage of that ability as of yet.

John H. Jenkins

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