RE: French encoding [Was: Chapter on character sets]

Date: Fri Jun 16 2000 - 10:27:19 EDT

> Ar 12:37 -0800 2000-06-15, scríobh
> >The requirement for Euro was definitely very important, but as I remember
> >the discussions, it was only with very great difficulty that any examples
> >of Finnish text was produced.
> "s^ekki" ('cheque' or 'check') is an extremely common word and it is not
> all difficult to find examples of s^ and z^ in Finnish. They are not
> letters, but they are certainly used.

Well, it is not *that* common anymore, cheque being very much a dead and
method of monetary exchange in Finland (it's all electronic nowadays)...but
the word most certainly is still a living word. Another one would be
or "chess". In general, the "s^" and "z^" are used to transliterate the
"sh" and "zh" sounds in relatively recent loan words (one can see a lot of
in transliterated Slavic names).

Jarkko Hietaniemi <>

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