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From: Edward Cherlin (edward.cherlin.sy.67@aya.yale.edu)
Date: Sat Jun 17 2000 - 18:30:23 EDT

At 12:33 AM -0800 6/14/00, Marco.Cimarosti@icl.com wrote:
>Alain LaBonté drew:
> > Now a hat: (%=FE (with a thorn, why limit ourselves with ASCII?)
>Because something is cursed with your MIME, so your bowler hat becomes Uncle
>Sam's top hat -- and that's out of lieu on a Canadian head.
>I wonder, how long will it take before someone starts doing Unicode
>emoticons containing Bengali letters, Hangul syllables, math's symbols,
>Braille patterns, ideographs, etc.? (Just a loose attempt to bring this
>roaming thread back to the topic).
>_ Marco

Users are way ahead of you.

The most frequent Japanese smiley looks like this: ^_^

Some APL characters are smilies all by themselves.

U APL name Construction

2364 Hoot Diaeresis-jot
2365 Holler Diaeresis-circle
2368 Smirk Diaeresis-tilde

It isn't clear what interpretation to give to these next four, but I
have made some suggestions.

2361 Diaeresis-up tack (Benjamin Franklin close)
2362 Diaeresis-del (happy shout)
2363 Diaeresis-star (puckered up)
2369 Diaeresis-greater than (the Novocaine hasn't worn off yet)

The Benjamin Franklin close, known to salesmen world-wide, uses a
sheet of paper with a large T drawn on it. The salesman writes the
sales proposition above the top line, and then the salesmen and the
prospect fill in all of the pro factors on the left side together.
The salesman lets the prospect fill in cons on the right with no
assistance. Franklin is reported to have used this technique with
young women who caught his fancy. I have imagined Franklin holding up
the finished sheet in front of his face.

Some APL2 expressions have smiley interpretations, most notably
'chipmunk', which is the sequence

2282 subset, left shoe, enclose
00A8 diaeresis, each
2283 superset, right shoe, disclose

where the phrase 'enclose each disclose', parsed ((enclose each)
disclose), discloses a scalar containing a nested array (returning
the array), and encloses each item in the array.

The phrase known as 'chipmunk with cheeks stuffed full', discloses
two levels, encloses each item, and then encloses the result. It is

2282 2282 00A8 2283 2283

Jim Brown, then of IBM, described the implementation of Unicode in
APL2 at the Seventh Unicode Conference, in "Unicode in Strongly and
Weakly Typed Languages".

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