Re: UTF-8N?

From: Antoine Leca (
Date: Tue Jun 20 2000 - 12:02:14 EDT

Mark Davis wrote:
> The reason I make that notational distinction in the text is that there is a danger
> with UTF-8 currently: BOM can be used with it, and some people do. Since, unlike
> the case of UTF-16 / UTF-16BE / UTF-16LE, there is no way to distinguish between
> implementations that allow a BOM and those that don't, the situation is slightly
> unstable: if you find EF BB BF at the start of a UTF-8 file, you don't know whether
> to delete it or not.

I understand there is no way to know whether you SHALL/SHOULD/MAY delete it or not,
but I fail to see the danger: BOM (well, ZWNBSP) cannot carry any useful meaning
when it appears at the beginning of a text, can it? So what can be the problem?

What am I missing?


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