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Date: Tue Jun 20 2000 - 17:47:41 EDT

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>Windows 2000 shipped in India comes with input methods which will allow
you to
>input Unicode characers for Devanagri and Tamil - and I suspect Oriya, &
>will be available before too long. You can also download the NT DDK, which
>allow you to create your own Oriya keyboard from
> . Another way is to use
>Tavultesoft's Keyboard Manager for Unicode

One note: the last shipping version of Keyman, KM 4, does not allow
explicit generation of Unicode characters; it generates 8-bit character
codes, and a codepage on the system must be relied upon if this is to be
converted to Unicode (which would be handled by an app). By sometime this
fall, there should be a new version, KM 5, that is supposed to allow you to
create input methods that generate arbitrary Unicode characters without any
need for codepage files - at least, that's the plan. Because of limitations
in Win 9x, this can only be guaranteed to work on NT/W2K (there may be
special interfaces available that an app could use on Win9x to get Unicode
characters - I know that Tavultesoft has considered that possibility, but
don't know yet what will actually appear).

Peter Constable

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