RE: Bengali: variants of same conjunct

From: Michael Kaplan (Trigeminal Inc.) (
Date: Thu Jun 22 2000 - 08:05:29 EDT

> > Thus since people who write the language sent both,
> <cut>
> Do you mean that Tamil writers *purposely* use both the "ancient" and the
> "modern" forms in the same document?
> What is the intent?
yes, that is what am I saying. If you go to several of the Tamil resource
sites on the web, you can see both of them used, often in the same
documents. This is VERY easy to do with the hack fonts, significantly more
difficult if you are using Unicode-enabled fonts.

> And I believe this is entirely a rendering problem that is (far) outside
> Unicode's scope.
I do not see how, if BOTH forms are in use and one form is not renderable in
a font that is Unicode compliant, how this would NOT be considered a Unicode
issue. It is crucial that language as used should be possible to render with
Unicode, should it not? The ligatures you mention do not really call into
the same category as the Tamil case, since all of them can be rendered using
the 3.0 (or even the 2.0!) standard.

I do know that the TamilNadu government has specific issues with the Unicode
standard, is this not one of the issues? Or do they prefer only the usage
outlined in the standard, in order to encourage people to use it? And would
this then be a case of the standard being more involved in politics than
might be good?


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