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Date: Tue Jun 27 2000 - 15:15:42 EDT

"AUFDERHEIDE HARRY R. (app1hra)" <> wrote:
> 1. Is the UTF-8's character set equal to the Latin-1 (ASCII) Code
> Page's? If not, what are the differences? Under the assumption that
> it is substantially the same; I don't see it solving our problems
> as we are currently processing more characters than this can support.
> It certainly doesn't appear a solution for handling Chinese, Japanese,
No, you've misunderstood UTF-8. UTF-8 and all the other UTF-x encodings
are simply that - encodings of the more than 40000 characters in Unicode.
The advantage of UTF-8 is that it's lower range of single-byte characters
coincides with ASCII (note that ASCII is *NOT* the same as Latin-1: ASCII
has 7 bits, Latin-1 has 8). Thus, it can be used for Chinese, Japanese,
Hindi, whatever.

> 2. I have read a good deal of material on support of UNICODE (UTF-x)on
> platforms but have not found much about the mainframe (EBCIDIC)
> other than DB2 ...
Try ICU - a cross-platform library which is not dissimilar to the Java
internationalization classes. It's on


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