RE: Twinbridge & Word 2000

From: Murray Sargent (
Date: Tue Jun 27 2000 - 15:39:06 EDT

> asked: The question is: Is there any way for making True
> type fonts and Unicode compatible?
The answer to this question is: Microsoft's implementation of TrueType has
always been based on Unicode, right from the first version in 1992. The
answer to the original question, namely why Word 2000 does not recognise
chinese captured from Twinbridge files isn't so simple.

If you know the charset used, you can convince Word 2000 to use that
encoding as follows: Start Word 2000, select the menu item
Tools/Options/General and turn on the "Confirm conversion at Open" option.
Then open the file with a .txt extension and you should see a "Convert File"
dialog box with a list of conversion alternatives. Select "Encoded Text",
whereupon you should see another dialog box entitled "File Conversion"
followed by the name of your file. Choose "Other encoding" instead of Plain
text. There are 7 Chinese codepages to choose from. Hopefully one of these
will work.


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