Re: Plane 14 language tags

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Thu Jun 29 2000 - 07:55:50 EDT

Ar 05:54 -0800 2000-06-28, scríobh somebody:

>> Since RFC 1766 specifies that language tags are not case significant,
>> it is recommended that for language tags, the entire tag be lowercased
>> before conversion to Plane 14 tag characters.

Gosh I think this is a bad idea. If I were to write language tags in HTML
or in I would choose, for reasons of legibility of the code, to use the
casing suggested by ISO 639 and ISO 3166 and DIS 15924.

RFC 1766's revision (ongoing) takes into account that language tags may
contain ISO 639 codes (lowercase by convention), and subtags (used for
precision) may contain ISO 3166 codes (uppercase by convention) or ISO
15925 (titlecase by convention).

It seems to me that the Plane 14 tags shouldn't have both uppercase and
lowercase if you aren't going to let people use the uppercase.

(It seems to me that the Plane 14 tags were a very silly idea, but oh well.)

Michael Everson
Language Tag Reviewer, RFC 1766

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