2 dumb questions: Plane 14 and codepages

From: Mike Newhall (mike.newhall@av.com)
Date: Thu Jun 29 2000 - 15:49:56 EDT

1. What are "plane 14 language tags"?

2. Just out of historical curiosity, what is a codepage / how did the name
/ numbers originate? I have over the years used the inferred definition
that it is an 8-bit character set selected by a number, but...

        - Is this really the complete and accurate definition of what a 'codepage'
        - Are these #'s always OS-specific, or sometimes standardized?
        - Is there a rhyme or reason to the number assignments? It seems that
they were not assigned in sequence, unless each OS has hundreds or
thousands of code pages.
        - Where did the term originate? It seems to have a hardware flavor, as if
an old piece of display hardware had selectable ROMed fonts.

Mike Newhall

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