[off-topic] Re: Do you have these characters?

From: Mike Newhall (mike.newhall@av.com)
Date: Thu Jun 29 2000 - 18:11:29 EDT

>But I agree that the customary use of A-F for hexadecimal makes
>it more difficult to read. I stuck with octal for many years because
>of this before giving up to the tide of the culture, even taught my
>nephews. Octal is so much simpler, just like decimal if you have
>no thumbs, as Tom Lehrer sang.

        But four bits are a much better match to computer architecture, and it's
not often recognized that they are arguably a better fit to human
architecture than octal or decimal: use your thumbs to hold down the
appropriate combination of fingers (the zero bits), and you can place one
hxadecimal digit on each hand, allowing you to count from 0 to 255 on two
hands! :-)

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