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From: Jens Siebert (
Date: Fri Jun 30 2000 - 10:27:27 EDT


this display problem caught my attention.
Globally I would suppose, that some fonts may
support only the most widespread Kanji in use
(in Japan these would be the 1945 Toyo Kanji
and 285 additional Kanji used for names).

There may be additional Kanji-sets, which are
more rare, and therefore to be added to fonts
by vendors in step by step processes (version-wise).
The ? In place of a kanji makes me wonder, because
usually a gettamark should replace a non-available
glyph within a CJK-text stream.

I would try out other fonts of other vendors,
however I don´t have concrete hints, as I am
not a Java-user.

Please correct me, if my idea was wrong for
any reason. I am just curious on the solution
of this display problem.

Kind regards

Jens Siebert

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> hi!!!!

> im doing some servlets displaying japanese writing. im using unicode to
> display it according to the chart from the unicode site. And i can
> display some characters but not at all... WHY??????????????????????

> whats wrong????? the browser im using???? something about java????
> something related with fonts?????? because the number is right
> according the chart but the browser puts an ?. and theres also a lot of
> characters displayed correctly.

> Thanks in advance and waiting for your help

> Omar Ponce C

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