RE: Mixing languages on a Web site

From: Julie Doll Allen (
Date: Fri Jun 30 2000 - 17:19:31 EDT

Actually, we've been working on creating a new page called "Display
Problems." It will address precisely these kinds of issues; unfortunately,
it's not quite done. Here's are a few links from that page which may help:
The following links from Alan Wood’s Unicode Resources also offer helpful
information on specific topics.

Setting up Windows Internet Explorer 5 for Multilingual and Unicode Support 
Setting up Windows Netscape Web Browsers for Multilingual and Unicode
Setting up Macintosh Web Browsers for Multilingual and Unicode Support

In this thread, Marco commented:
>Unicode has a FAQ (, a technical
>introduction (, and
>a glossary ( Probably the
>Unicode FAQ should be updated periodically with questions asked on *this*
>list, such as problems authoring web pages, selecting fonts, etc.

We are also working on major reorganization and expansion of the Unicode
FAQs, based in part on the questions and answers on this list, as well as
those which come into the Consortium's office. Both of these improvements
are part of a larger project to redesign the web site. You can expect the
redesign to debut by the end of July.

Julie Allen
Unicode, Inc.

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