Sanseido's Unicode Kanji Information Dictionary

From: Julie Doll Allen (
Date: Fri Jun 30 2000 - 18:15:00 EDT

The renowned Sanseido publishing house of Japan has just published a unique
addition to its widely-used dictionaries: Sanseido's Unicode Kanji
Information Dictionary (ISBN 4-385-13690-4). This 608-page kanji dictionary
is edited by Tanaka Yuuichi, Tanimura Eiji, Furuya Yukio and Matsoka Eiji.
Professor Matsuoka was the 1999 recipient of the Unicode Consortium's
Bulldog award for his tireless efforts in preparing this dictionary. The
Sanseido Unicode Dictionary makes Unicode kanji character information
available for the first time in a reference format widely used by
information technologists in Japan. The book also serves as a general
reference on Han character encoding. Its publication is another significant
step forward in the acceptance and adoption of Unicode in a major economy.
Detailed information (in Japanese) about the dictionary can be found on
Sanseido's Web site at:

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