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Date: Mon Jul 03 2000 - 16:38:10 EDT

Only in the sense that Arial is more attractive than Times New Roman. For
on-screen display of small amounts of text, a Gothic font is better due to
the low resolution of displays, but for larger amounts of printed text, a
Mincho font is preferred. Newspapers (and Word documents) are all set in
Mincho for that reason.

If you install both fonts, you should make sure you get SP5 or later for NT4
to fix a problem that NT4 has handling several very large fonts on the
system at the same time.

One thing to note is that there are different versions of MS Gothic and MS
Mincho that have different coverage of CJK. Notably, the ver 2.3 of these
fonts that ships with Win98J, and all languages of Win2000 has JIS X 212 CJK
coverage. Older versions (NT4) covered only JIS X 208. I am not sure which
version ships with the IE language packs, but it is probably a smaller
(older) one for size reasons.

Regarding Mike Ayers's question about usage, the global IME's appear in the
list of installed keyboards (represented by a two-letter icon in the task
bar tray). They appear only if you are using an application that supports
the Global IME (IE4/5, Word2000, Outlook 98/2000 mail, Outlook Express 4/5,
etc.). There is almost no documentation in English on how to use IMEs that I
know of. The Office2000 Proofing Tools manual has one page for each
language, but comprehensive documentation in English does not exist that I
know of (I would love to be proven wrong).

Chris Pratley
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If you mean the Active IMM, you can install the Japanese lang support
provided by IE5 as well, as it does the same thing (installs a font and code
page support). In fact the cp files have more recent dates, I think.

In fact, the font it installs (MS Gothic) is generally considered to be more
attractive than the LangPack font (MS Mincho).


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> Hi Mike
> To use microsoft's global IME for Japanese on NT4, there is one very
> important step you need to do ... install NT4 Japanese support .. there
> a few articles about it in the Microsoft knowledge base .. i have the urls
> at work, don't have them with me at the moment ...
> on the win NT4 cdrom there is a folder somewhere called langpacks ... use
> windows explorer to look in it ... there is a file called japanese.inf ..
> right mouse click on it .. a pop up menu will appear ... on of the menu
> items is 'install' .. select this .. and it will install NT4's Japanese
> langauge support .. this should be installed before the global IME for
> Japanese ... otherwise it will not work ... at least that's the story ...
> ciao
> Andrew
> Andrew Cunningham
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> >
> > > From: Michael (michka) Kaplan []
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> > >
> > > To prove #4 will work, see
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > > Along with 102 other languages, this page includes both Japanese and
> > > Turkish. UTF-8 is what makes that possible....
> > >
> > > michka
> >
> > I checked it out, and with IE5 I can now view almost all of it.
> > There are 5 lines that I cannot view and for which there are no fonts
> > available, but otherwise great.  Netscape does not show nearly as many
> > (hints?).
> >
> > On a possibly entirely unrelated subject, I downloaded Microsoft's
> > IMEs for Chinese and Japanese, hoping to learn to use them.  However, I
> > cannot figure out how to enable them, and can't locate any helpful info
> > Microsoft's site.  I am running NT4.  Any tips greatly appreciated.
> >
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > /|/|ike
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