Displaying Chinese on HTML

From: Parvinder Singh(EHPT) (P.Singh@ehpt.com)
Date: Thu Jul 06 2000 - 03:25:43 EDT

Hello friends,
I am using Unicode(utf-8) to store data in Oracle database(database
character set is UTF-8).

In one of columns of the table,I have stored data in Chinese in UTF-8

Now I want to retrieve it on HTML page through java Servlet using JDBC.

I have used html tag <meta content=text/html charset=UTF-8>

I use Netscape navigator 4.6 and have set the character set as UTF-8 in
browser. I also have lot of chinese fonts in browser but I don'nt know which
one to choose. Anyway I tried various combinations but chinese never got
displayed !

The html page shows inverted question marks as output !!!

Can somebody help in displaying the desired language.

Also while accepting chinese or any language from HTML,do my servlets code
need to change ? Or will it automatically convert it from HTML's UTF-8 input
to UCS2 and transparently insert the string into Oracle database as UTF-8
using JDBC !

King regards,


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