Re: About Wave Dash U+301C

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Thu Jul 06 2000 - 14:51:12 EDT

Makoto Takahashi asked:

> In Unicode 3.0 U3000.pdf U+301C was said
> (
> >This character was encoded to match JIS C 6226-1978 1-33 "wave dash".
> >Subsequent revisions of the JIS standard and industry practice have
> >settled on JIS 1-33 as being the fullwidth tilde character.
> And Microsoft Windows applications mapps JIS 1-33 to U+FF5E.
> But tables below were unchanged.
> Which is official mapping of Unicode?

There *is* no official mapping of Unicode. There are multiple
Shift-JIS implementations, and they differ somewhat in their
interpretation of this and other similar characters.

The most widespread interpretation is in Microsoft Windows
applications -- and the mapping for that can be found in
You should use that mapping table when mapping from Unicode
to/from Microsoft Code Page 932.

IBM has Japanese code pages that differ slightly in their
interpretation from the Windows Code Page 932.

The JIS0208.TXT and SHIFTJIS.TXT tables on the Unicode site
are mappings of Unicode to JIS, as interpreted in 1994.
Those mappings are also in use.

If JSC has changed its mind about how JIS X 0208 characters should
be mapped to Unicode, there may yet be other mappings that one
might support.

--Ken Whistler

> Same problem is about
> U+005C vs U+FF3C
> U+2016 vs U+2225
> U+2212 vs U+FF0D
> U+00A2 vs U+FFE0
> U+00A3 vs U+FFE1
> U+00AC vs U+FFEC
> Makoto Takahshi

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