Re: Japanese pronunciation of hex digits?

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Hi Everyone,
  I am in a desperate situation right now,I have an opening in the Silicon
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Require an experienced Internationalization engineer with 4 to 5 years
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years experience in internationalization technology. Candidate can help
design the next generation of fully internationalized and localized
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Responsibilities: Contribute to the delivery of high quality international
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Responsible for ensuring that the technical aspects of the solutions
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and understood. Minimum 3-4 years experience in software development
required. Experience with the complete software product lifecycle. A
thorough, in-depth knowledge of software design, architecture, and
development is required. Three plus years in internationalization technology
development and solutions. Strong C++/MFC, Java a plus Visual Basic/Active
X Automation. (Should be able to describe what are the major issues when
localizing VB). Win32 localization issues, Fonts, Date handling, Resource
Management, MBCS and DBCS, DLLs Understanding of Localization Tools such
Corel Catalyst. Database knowledge, Oracle and SQL Server, basic SQL
understanding. Strong problem analysis and troubleshooting skills, solution
oriented developer. Must possess positive attitude, strong teamwork and
communication skills. Experience with diverse character set encoding schemes
(EUC, JIS,Unicode,Shift-JIS, etc.), awareness and appreciation of relevant
international standards and industry practices. Language ability in German
is must.

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> [e:] or [ei]
> [bi:]
> [shi:]
> [di:] or [de:]
> [i:]
> [e0u] or [e0] or [efu] or [ef]
> The consonant of [e0u] (and [e0]) doesn't exist in English (I heard that
> a similar sound exists in Greek but not sure). Japanese characters for
> [0u] are U+3075, U+30D5 and U+FF8C.
> Hope this helps,
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> > wrote:
> > > How do the Japanese read the hex digits A thru F?
> >
> > Probably: ei, bi, shi, di, i, effu.
> >
> > _ Marco

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