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Date: Sat Jul 08 2000 - 07:39:40 EDT

Most browsers support UTF-8 but many have problems with UTF-16.

There is one feature in IE 5.0/5.01/5.5 that actually makes choosing a
specific charset for different languages more compelling..... if they jump
to your your page and language support needs to be installed to see it, then
it can be installed automatically (the user will be prompted). The language
packs include code page and font support.

In script on your page, for both JavaScript and VBScript, the strings at
runtime are always Unicode. But when you write them to the page (such as
with Document.Write) they follow the language specified in the charset for
the page (if the proper language support exists to do the conversion). This
is where dynamic pages can sometimes have problems if UTF-8 support is not
so great....


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> We are gradually moving our pages to UTF-8 as we update them.
> Secondly, UTF-8 is recommended for web pages over UTF-16. Thirdly, you
> are always better off explicitly declaring a charset in all web pages.
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> > I noticed in your What is Unicode? page that you use the charset
> > UTF-8 where as in your other pages windows-1252. Will you please
> > explain to me why? And even why don't you use utf-16? I am designing
> > a multilingual site, do i need to use different encoding in each
> > page or what?
> >
> > thanks for your efforts
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