Re: Bug in TR 19, and fancy HTML in TR's

From: Michael \(michka\) Kaplan (
Date: Sat Jul 08 2000 - 13:45:06 EDT

I think you missed my point, Doug.

If you were a person who regular had to deal with such issues, as I imagine
Mark has to be (heck, I am, and I am not nearly as busy as he is!), then it
is likely that you have a certain level of technology... and it is also
likely that you do not test everything you do on every version of every

Thus even if a particular report does not have such a requirement, the other
12 you worked on over the preceeding months might. And maybe you do not want
to waste time installing multiple browsers and such.

For the UTF-8 thing, Mark did explicitly say that all new content is being
done with UTF-8 encoding in a message last night.


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> Michael \(michka\) Kaplan <> wrote:
> >> Can the authors (or reformatters) of Unicode Technical Reports please
> >> keep the use of "fancy" HTML and Javascript in TR's to a minimum?
> >> Tables and simple stylesheets ought to be sufficient. This is not an
> >> elaborate sales or marketing presentation, after all -- it's a
> >> TECHNICAL REPORT. Please don't tell me to update or change my browser
> >> to get the "full experience" of the TR. I should be able to print the
> >> thing on dead trees and get all the information that way if I choose.
> >
> > Well, some people might actually prefer you upgrade your browser to
> > something that supports Unicode a bit more effectively, at the very
> > least. :-)
> >
> > NN 4.0x has tons of problems with bidi and other complex scripts, with
> > Asian characters, and more. Its not entirely unreasonable for the
> > online resources of the Unicode Consortium to make use of technologies
> > that support Unicode and not be obliged to test everything on older
> > browsers that do not. I think its likely that they did not even know
> > that such an issue would exist, since they have upgraded to browsers
> > and technologies that support the very standard they are writing for.
> This has nothing to do with bidi, Asian characters, or any other aspect
> of Unicode support. I know that some of the TR's, such as TR 21, "Case
> Mapping," include UTF-8 characters and these generally do not print
> correctly using older browsers. I know about this problem and deal
> (reluctantly) with it. This is not about any Unicode-related problem,
> but about advanced HTML. TR 19 is tagged as UTF-8, but contains only
> one UTF-8 character (U+00A9 COPYRIGHT SIGN), and this is clearly not
> where my problem lies.
> I understand the need and desirability to use Unicode features in a
> Unicode technical report, I just don't see the major advantage of
> embedding Javascript in one.
> I wonder if Erik or some other Netscape person can examine the TR and
> figure out what NN 4.06 doesn't like about it.
> > As a side note, I do not test code on my Osborne 1 or my Epson PX-8,
> > either. :-)
> Nor I on my Timex Sinclair 2000 or Atari 130XE. But I hardly think of
> Windows 95 and NN 4.06 as being quite as ancient as that.
> -Doug Ewell
> Fullerton, California

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