What do you think about storing encoded text in db?

From: Leon Spencer (Leon.Spencer@brightware.com)
Date: Mon Jul 10 2000 - 08:02:52 EDT

In an earlier question posted to this mailing,
I asked about the best way to handle i18n in
e-mail software.

I have several clients that contact to a database
to get their messages. I'm considering storing their
message as encoded text (i.e. an encoding support
by MIME spec) along with a column for the charset.

This way when a user reads their messages, the following
will occur:
1. The user's e-mail client can check the charset column
   in the db to see if the charset for that particular
   message is supported.

2. The user's e-mail client will decode (MIME decode) the
   message text before displaying it.

Pro: Since MIME encoded text is always represented as 7/8-bit
     ASCII, I'm always sure to have my text store in the database
     without worrying about charset support.

Con: I think there's a limit to the size of text stored in a column.
     Is it better to stick with a BLOB?

Has anyone tried this?


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