Re: Traditional Chinese & Simplified Chinese

Date: Tue Jul 11 2000 - 12:41:48 EDT

Hi Tony,

Do you mean Traditional, Simplified and English at the *same time* in the
*same* HTML page? If so, UTF-8 is the only way you can effectively do
it. You may need to spend a fair amount of time on setting up fonts/style
sheets to get the desired look and feel for each block of Traditional or
Simplified text.

AFAIK, mySQL doesn't support Unicode in any form directly. Of course, you
can lie to it and store UTF-8 as if it were Latin-1, but then data
management is up to your software. (Oracle 8i is cheap and supports
UTF-8: you might want to consider it).

There are potential display problems with UTF-8 and Chinese (both
flavors) on Windows-based browsers of version 4.x and earlier: the default
font for the UTF-8 character encoding is Times New Roman. This will cause
the Chinese to display as little black (or hollow) squares. If your users
are reasonably sophisticated, they can change the default (but only
to support Traditional or Simplified--not both--at any time). Your page
can also try to guess the names of installed fonts, or use CSS to guide
the browser, but this will not work all the time with all
installations. ::sigh::

Otherwise, you're good to go.

Best Regards,


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On Tue, 11 Jul 2000, Tony Yuen wrote:

> Anyone know that it is a good solution to choose UTF-8 as default charset in
> a Web Site mainly using Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English
> in Redhat Linux Server and MySQL Database.

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