Re: Names of planes, and request for sneak preview

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Tue Jul 11 2000 - 14:45:09 EDT

Mark responded reconditely:

> Michael Everson wrote:
> > Ar 07:53 -0800 2000-07-11, scríobh John H. Jenkins:
> >
> > >At the same time, it would be nice to have a Unicodally correct way
> > >of referring to planes 1 and 2, since there is an important boundary
> > >between them.
> >
> > Just use the acronyms BMP, SMP, and SIP.
> >

From the practice that is developing in the relevant committees,
and the discussion on this list, it would appear that the
practical consensus seems to be heading towards:

 0000.. FFFF "The BMP"
10000..1FFFF "Plane 1"
20000..2FFFF "Plane 2"
E0000..EFFFF "Plane 14"

Those are in fact the terms that most people are using. It is quite
unlikely that "SMP" and "SIP" and "SPP" are going to catch on
very widely, given the difficulty of keeping them straight, or
separate from other TLA's and FLA's like SMTP, TCPIP, etc. (SPP
also means Southwest Power Pool, Science and Policy Programs,
School of Public Policy, Society for Philosophy and Psychology,
Student Protector Plan, Sandy's Pattern Pantry, Self-Publishing Partners,
and the Santiago Park Plaza...) "Plane 14" is actually a *much* better
term -- if you do an Internet search on that, all the pertinent
Unicode-related stuff actually pops right up to the top of the search.

And despite Mark's disclaimer about the validity of any boundaries
past the FFFF / 10000 boundary, the Plane boundaries do have some
importance. They are likely to figure prominently in trie structures
for accessing properties of characters past FFFF; the planes themselves
have some uniformity of their properties, since different things
are being isolated to Plane 2 or Plane 14 as opposed to Plane 1.

Also, in favor of John Cowan's terminology, one might also note
that all of the "Astral Planes" are self-naming by their initial
hex digit.


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