RE: Euro character in ISO

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Tue Jul 11 2000 - 18:46:13 EDT

Leon Spencer asked:

> Does anyone know where I can easily download the
> latest ISO-8859-X specs? The ones at
> seem to be dated 1996.

The "ISO-8859-X specs" are not available on the Unicode
website. The real "specs" are the ISO standards themselves,
which are available from or from various
national standards organizations. In the U.S., contact

What is available on the Unicode website are mapping tables
between the ISO 8859-X parts of the ISO 8859 standard
and the Unicode Standard. Those mapping tables *are*
generally up-to-date, reflecting the most recent versions
of the parts of the ISO 8859 standard.

And double-check your information about dates (and refresh
any local cache of these that you have). The dates I show
for the files are:

8859-1.TXT:# Date: 1999 July 27
8859-2.TXT:# Date: 1999 July 27
8859-3.TXT:# Date: 1999 July 27
8859-4.TXT:# Date: 1999 July 27
8859-5.TXT:# Date: 1999 July 27
8859-6.TXT:# Date: 1999 July 27
8859-7.TXT:# Date: 1999 July 27
8859-8.TXT:# Date: 2000-Jan-03
8859-9.TXT:# Date: 1999 July 27
8859-10.TXT:# Date: 1999 October 11
8859-13.TXT:# Date: 1999 July 27
8859-14.TXT:# Date: 1999 July 27
8859-15.TXT:# Date: 1999 July 27
8859-16.TXT:# Date: 1999 December 10

> Also, does anyone know which ISO-8859-X contains
> the Euro?

ISO 8859-15 and ISO 8859-16.


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