Re: Han character names?

From: Thomas Chan (
Date: Tue Jul 11 2000 - 23:52:55 EDT

On Tue, 11 Jul 2000, Jon Babcock wrote:

> I was interested in seeing an example of a Han graph that has no
> documented pronunciation because I was under the impression that such
> a graph doesn't/cannot exist.

The "beikao" chapter (pp. 1585-1631) of the _Kangxi Zidian_ would be one
place to start for those unconfirmable that have pronunciations but no
meanings or having neither. e.g., 1585.9 (two U+4E36's, one over the
other, and all that overlaid across the leftmost stroke of U+4E43) and
1593.23 (U+5B80 above U+4E43), both of which have no pronunciation/meaning
information documented in Morohashi or _Hanyu Da Zidian_ either.

Thomas Chan

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