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I am a big fan of the Windows code pages, they often make my life easier.
However, there is a disadvantage to the fact that even over the course of a
few service packs (let alone a few operating systems!) the code pages have
changed, and there is simply no good documentation that will tell you when
(for example) Farsi characters U+06A9 and U+06AF were added to Windows
CP1256 (Arabic) . All that one knows for certain is that it was before
Windows 98 SE and before NT4 SP5 (although it did no ship with NT4).

When you cannot figure out why an application works on one platform and not
another, it can make you pine for a more stationary standard! :-)

My ISP moved to Windows 2000 so I do not have to worry about making them
install things like newer code page files on the web server, but for a long
time thse differences plagued me heavily.


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> At 15:30 -0800 on 07/11/00, Asmus Freytag wrote about Re: Euro
> character in ISO:
> >There has been an attempt to create a series of 'touched up' 8859
> >standards. The problem with these is that you get all the issues of
> >character set confusion that abound today with e.g. Windows CP 1252
> >mistaken for 8895-1 with a vengeance:
> The problem would go away if the ISO would get their heads out of
> their a$$ and drop the C1 junk from the NEW 'TOUCHED UP" 8859s and
> put the CP125x codes there.
> Then when you said you used 8859-21 you'd get CP-1252 and Windows
> would no longer need to lie (or tell the truth by admitting it is
> CP-1252).

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