Proposal to make the unicode list more transparent! (Sender: Jens Siebert)

From: Jens Siebert (
Date: Wed Jul 12 2000 - 04:22:09 EDT

Hello (Unicode-) World,

last year I subscribed to the unicode list, and I
found a lot of usefull information and interesting
topics in many of your mails.

However, because of the tremendous amount of mails
I would like to suggest splitting the list into
various lists, divided by main-topics.

These could be sorted by „groups of languages“,
such as CJK(+V) and other groups.
Another sector could be „technical issues“, such
as encoding-related mails, statements about
programm-code source-samples etc. !

I don´t know well about internet-technologies, but
maybe it would be a nice idea, to make the various
lists accessible via click-buttons from the unicode
homepage, and to create a rasterized archive to sort
incoming mails either by date and topic...

I put this idea here, because personally I only
read unicode-list-mails related to CJK and technical
issues. I believe many of you may face the same
problem, and would like to receive only certain mails
related to specialized topics.

It would be nice to know your oppinion regarding to
my suggestion.
I send kind regards from Hamburg/Germany to everybody
and I am looking forward to hearing from you

Jens Siebert

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