Re: Euro character in ISO

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Wed Jul 12 2000 - 06:25:19 EDT

Ar 18:19 -0800 2000-07-11, scríobh Robert A. Rosenberg:

>The problem would go away if the ISO would get their heads out of
>their a$$ and drop the C1 junk from the NEW 'TOUCHED UP" 8859s and
>put the CP125x codes there.

Excuse me, but that is not appropriate. The ISO/IEC 8859 series is
conformant with ISO/IEC 2022, and protocols which adhere to that standard
should not be compromised by what you suggest.

>Then when you said you used 8859-21 you'd get CP-1252 and Windows
>would no longer need to lie (or tell the truth by admitting it is

The problem is that some companies do/did not correctly identify their code
pages. The world can live with Latin-1 and CP-1252. It shouldn't have to
live with CP-1252 being identified as Latin-1.

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