RE: Proposal to make the unicode list more transparent!

From: Frank da Cruz (
Date: Wed Jul 12 2000 - 12:15:39 EDT

> This is, I think, a good idea. If we informally agreed to a syntax, like
> "use square brackets for the topic", then people could filter for things
> like "[CJK]".
This might sound silly, but some people still use ISO 646-based displays,
in which square brackets show up umlauts, etc. Parentheses are safer.

Also note that RFC 822 has included a Keywords: header for just this purpose
ever since 1982.

Anyway, all attempts to tame mailing lists generally fail so let's not waste
too much time on this. After all, the relation of the Subject: line to the
body is only one of our problems. Others include inappropriate (or non-)
tagging of character sets, Silly-MIME-Enclosure Syndrome, Hideous-Formatting
Syndrome, and Profligate-Quoting Syndrome. But at least I don't recall
seeing any virus-bearing messages here yet...

- Frank :-]

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