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Date: Wed Jul 12 2000 - 13:08:47 EDT

At 09:27 PM 07/11/2000 -0800, Michael \(michka\) Kaplan wrote:
>I am a big fan of the Windows code pages, they often make my life easier.
>However, there is a disadvantage to the fact that even over the course of a
>few service packs (let alone a few operating systems!)

So? What does that have to do with ISO issuing C1-less 8859 codes that have
an extra 32 glyphs? They issue it, MS adds the codes, and everyone has a
constant set of codes. The fact that MS's CP125x codes are changed with no
name change is a separate issue.

> the code pages have
>changed, and there is simply no good documentation that will tell you when
>(for example) Farsi characters U+06A9 and U+06AF were added to Windows
>CP1256 (Arabic) . All that one knows for certain is that it was before
>Windows 98 SE and before NT4 SP5 (although it did no ship with NT4).
>When you cannot figure out why an application works on one platform and not
>another, it can make you pine for a more stationary standard! :-)
>My ISP moved to Windows 2000 so I do not have to worry about making them
>install things like newer code page files on the web server, but for a long
>time thse differences plagued me heavily.
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> > >There has been an attempt to create a series of 'touched up' 8859
> > >standards. The problem with these is that you get all the issues of
> > >character set confusion that abound today with e.g. Windows CP 1252
> > >mistaken for 8895-1 with a vengeance:
> >
> > The problem would go away if the ISO would get their heads out of
> > their a$$ and drop the C1 junk from the NEW 'TOUCHED UP" 8859s and
> > put the CP125x codes there.
> > Then when you said you used 8859-21 you'd get CP-1252 and Windows
> > would no longer need to lie (or tell the truth by admitting it is
> > CP-1252).
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