Re: Designing a multilingual web site

From: Michael \(michka\) Kaplan (
Date: Sun Jul 16 2000 - 01:24:04 EDT

(answering the other question you were asking)

> In FrontPage 2000 under Windows 2000 I
> couldn't change the banner text to any language
> but English (It seems as FrontPage dialog boxes
> accepts nothing but the system language, what
> can I do)? Although I am enabling Arabic but
> it appears wrong when I use it in dialog boxes.

As far as I can tell, dialog boxes are ANSI in FP 2000... certainly the Find
dialog is that way. I work almost exclusively in HTML view and occasionally
Preview view. But in doing this I not only have support for display
languages like Arabic, but typing them as well.

> In notepad under win2k I have the option to save as
> Unicode, utf-8, Unicode big endian. What this stuff
> mean?

Well, they are all actually Unicode, just different encodings. What is
called Unicode in that list is UCS-2, also known as UTF-16le... what
Microsoft products usually are referring to when they say Unicode.

The Unicode (Big Endian) is UTF-16be... the same as UTF-16lb but all the
bytes are reversed. This is due to processor differences. You probably never
need this one.

UTF-8 is the encoding format that most people think of when you say Unicode.
Its the one you can actually open in FP2000 and the one that you use for ASP
if you have a Windows 2000 server.

> You are doing great work.

Me? Nah, just doing what comes naturally. :-)


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