Re: Security Risks of Unicode

From: john (
Date: Sun Jul 16 2000 - 16:51:24 EDT

> Bruce Schneier expresses some concerns about "Security Risks
> of Unicode" in the latest issue of his Cryptogram newsletter.
> Thoser who don't subscribe can see:


> At this point the concerns are mostly theoretical. Nonetheless
> I think they're reasonable, especially when you consider the
> recent discussions here about C1 control characters and the
> unintended consequences of these characters. Throw
> XML/Unicode encoded application protocols like SOAP and
> XML-RPC into the mix and who knows what can happen? Which
> is pretty much Schneier's point.

> Anyway, I'm curious to know what other Unicodists think about
> the potential security implications Schneier raises.

Compared to the security risks from known terrorist
organizations (such as that posed by the recently
disclosed Carnivore loose on the net) this does not
amount to much.

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