Re: Using Unicode in XML

From: Michael \(michka\) Kaplan (
Date: Mon Jul 17 2000 - 20:10:40 EDT

From: "Markus Scherer" <>
> what more do you need?
> appendix f describes a way for conforming xml processors that support
encodings other than utf-8 and utf-16 to autodetect the encoding family. e44
extends the list of initial bytes to include the utf-8 signature.
> this all is non-normative, i.e., an xml processor may choose to support
only utf-8 and utf-16, and only the latter with the signature (bom), but
there is a good way to recognize many more input streams, and it is part of
the xml spec. good processors will do this.

Yes, very true... and this was true before the errata, even. Perhaps it is
just my desire to "keep it simple" but I like the idea of not using
locale-specific encodings. I guess I am just a Unicode bigot now? <g>


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