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Date: Mon Jul 17 2000 - 20:53:27 EDT


i have finally looked around for an answer to this, i hope it is still relevant -

in the specification document for the wireless markup language (wml) at
it says in chapter 6 that wml is based on xml and therefore uses xml's document character set, which is unicode/iso 10646. the xml spec in turn specifies
the entire utf-16 range to be used. xml and wml allow to support and announce different charsets.

wml is the main format for web pages within the wap suite.
therefore, i venture to state "wap is unicode compliant."

for more details, please see


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> I have been trying to track down the following answer. Possibly you can help
> "Is the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) unicode compliant?" A client in
> China needs to know if WAP is double byte enabled.
> Much thanks in advance!
> - Robert

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