FW: Data translation capability.

From: Magda Danish (Unicode) (v-magdad@microsoft.com)
Date: Tue Jul 18 2000 - 13:23:58 EDT

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From: Ravi Kumar Ghanta [mailto:rkumar@essworld.net]
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Subject: Data translation capability.

   Hello, This is my 2nd mail, Iam working on a Oracle DB, this db should be
   supported in two diff.(spanish and french) languages. I installed Oracle
   those two languages and kept the db character set as UTF8 and NCHAR
   set as WE8ISO8859P1.
        Now, I altered the session as Spanish, and I selected a table, the
  data in a table appears in English only, the comment line in bottom
  like "14 rows selected" is it alone in spanish.
   What could I do, if I want to see all table information in a language
  than english eventhough it is entered in english.
  Please advice me at the earliest.

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