Unicode controls for VB (Programming)(VB)(OLE)(WinNT)

From: Marco.Cimarosti@icl.com
Date: Wed Jul 19 2000 - 05:40:22 EDT

Visual Basic (6.0 for 32-bit Windows Development, under Windows NT) is
capable of handling Unicode strings, internally, but I found no way to
display an arbitrary Unicode text in any of the built-in controls (buttons,
text boxes, combos, etc.).

Even if I set the control's font to an Unicode-enabled font (e.g. Arial
Unicode MS), the best I can do is to convert the Unicode string to a
*specific* Windows codepage before sending it to the control -- thus loosing
any Unicode character not in *that* codepage.

Am I doing anything wrong?

If not, can anyone suggest third party OLE controls for Visual Basic that
can displaying arbitrary Unicode text (i.e., are "codepage-free")?

I can issue more details, sample code, screen captures, etc. on demand.

_ Marco

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