Re: .TTF to .GIFs--& back again...

From: Antoine Leca (
Date: Wed Jul 19 2000 - 06:40:30 EDT

Robert Wheelock wrote:
> I need a program that'll do the following 2 things:
> 1. Convert a TrueType (or EPS Type 1) font's characters into individual .GIF
> (or .BMP) images

Into .BMP: the best way is to use any Windows bitmap tool like Paint, use it to
write any text you want, et voilà: you've got a .BMP!

Into .GIF: there is a problem with licence (GIF format is covered by a patent),
and unless you are granted to use this patent, or pay for that, you are not
allowed to covert anything to that format.
Alternative are for example .PNM. You then can use a lot of tools to convert
vectored font format to .PNM. I can recommand you to try FreeType (a free
font library, which features as a test program a simple converter int .PNM
<URL:> Free advertising here!)

> 2. The reverse—use individual .GIF (or .BMP) images to build a useful
> TrueType (or EPS Type 1) font.

Look after Softy <URL:>.
A tutorial is here: <URL:>
Another, much more complete is at <URL:>

Hope it helps,

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