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Date: Wed Jul 19 2000 - 14:39:58 EDT

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> Sent: Monday, July 17, 2000 9:40 AM

> For a device that will print a relatively basic label (such
> as sequence
> number, date, time, name, department, etc) onto a document in
> Japanese --
> what is your consensus? Basic Kanji+Hiragana+Katakana.... or will
> Hiragana+Katakana or just Katakana suffice?

        I ran this question past my Japanese teacher, who is Japanese by
birth. Her opinion is that full Kanji support would be needed. It seems
that names are not necessarily constrained to a limited set of Kanji, even
though the Japanese government publishes a list just for that purpose.
Japanese people apparently *really* don't like to see their names in any
form other than Kanji, and if there were any competing product that used
Kanji (and yours didn't), you probably wouldn't sell any. I suspect the
suggestion voiced earlier to use the shift-JIS subset may be your best bet.
In any event, you should probably consider Kanji a must and design


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