RE: Unicode FAQ addendum

From: Becker, Joseph (
Date: Thu Jul 20 2000 - 15:08:16 EDT

>>| C1 says "A process shall interpret Unicode code values as 16-bit
>>| quantities."

DE> I think the focus here was supposed to be on the fact that Unicode code
DE> values are *not 8-bit* quantities.

This may be the path to an update that is pithy yet true. The original
mantra, paraphrased in C1 and 1), was just "Globally replace 8 by 16".
Reality later obsoleted the original design, bringing us UTF-8, surrogates,
and UTF-32; all good things, but less pithy. Since we needn't quibble
terminology in an informal statement, I wouldn't have a problem with the
simple update:

1) Unicode code units are not 8 bits long; deal with it.


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