Re: Unicode in VFAT file system

From: Michael \(michka\) Kaplan (
Date: Fri Jul 21 2000 - 13:09:35 EDT

I sort of misspoke.... I do not mean that they only support UCS-2. I just
mean that usually in their products, interfaces, APIs, etc., they talk about
Unicode and they happen to be referring to UCS-2 (except on Windows 2000,
where surrogate support is definitely there and thus its more UTF-16).

That is why when they added UTF-8 to the notepad "save as" menu, they did
not say Unicode (UTF-8). Maybe they believed it would be confusing?


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> >In the meantime, Microsoft is still pretty firmly rooted in the idea that
> >Unicode=USC-2 (or UTF-16le on Windows 2000).
> I don't think we can make a blanket statement about MS being firmly rooted
> in USC-2. They're very big and manage lots of code that a lot of people
> on a regular basis, and different parts of their code are in different
> states. This thread started with VFAT, and it has been observed that,
> perhaps, VFAT handles UTF-16 perfectly well while the UI that displays
> strings still only understands UCS-2. Considering some other parts of
> code: Apple updated the TrueType spec to handle non-BMPs and I understand
> that MS has already implemented support for that. So, somewhere their code
> is handling UTF-16. Chris Pratley has indicated on this list or in his
> Unicode presentation that the next version of Office will handle non-BMPs,
> so it will soon be doing UTF-16. But then, many of the controls that come
> with their development tools are still only support "ANSI" text (e.g. in
> you store Unicode strings, but don't expect to display anything not
> supported by a codepage in a list box).
> - Peter
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